What is Daylighting?

What is Solatube Daylighting Systems?

Things that Every Homeowner should know before installing a skylight.

Advantages of Solatube Daylighting Systems?

  • We provide brilliant lighting. Our skylights provide as much daylighting as a larger traditional skylight many times its size, making it a truly remarkable solution for any room in your house.
  • Cost-Effect? Solatube Daylighting Systems are considerably less than traditional skylights or windows, when considering both installation and product costs.
  • Are we fast, clean, and easy to install? Because Solatube Daylighting Systems were originally designs to retrofit into exisiting houses, no structural reframing, drywalling, or painting is required. Our team can install your Solatube Daylighting System in two hours or less, and the Do-It-Yourselfers can easily complete the installation in one day.
  • Where can it go? Just about anywhere, including rooms without direct roof access or smaller rooms where daylighting was not originally considered a viable option.
  • Green? Lighting without the flip of a switch. Electric lighting is no longer needed during the day, which reduces your carbon footprint, and saves you on your electricity costs.
  • Are there health benefits? Several prominent studies show that natural light can enhance mood and your overall well-being, along with increased concentration and energy levels.


Not all products are created the same. When quality matters, go with the best: Solatube International has constantly been at the forefront of design and technology. When you want it done right, the first time, call us. Quality done right the first time.

Looking for Energy Star: Our products have gone through rigorous testing to meet the rigid requirements of the U.S. Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star program.

Think Long-Term: While you could save a few dollars up front, it may lead to costly repairs in the future. With Solatube’s leak-proof design and our tried-and-true installation techniques, we provide you with a worry-free system.


Factor in Function: You can customize your Solatube Daylighting System with the Light Add-On Kit for nighttime use, a Ventilation Add-On Kit for bathrooms, and a Daylight Dimmer to manage the natural lighting in your room.

Remember That Beauty Counts too: We’re not a one-size-fits-all product. Our decorative fixtures allows for the ability to customize your Solatube Daylighting System to meet your own style.