Replacing a skylight in your home can be a daunting thought. Will it clear up the crackled look? Will it make the room hotter? Can I replace my skylight just because it “looks” old? At The Natural Lighting Company, these are just some of the questions we get surrounding skylight replacement. With the COVID-19 situation, people are working from home, and definitely working to improve their homes, so we wanted to address these questions to help clarify skylight replacement and give you the information to make a much more informed decision.

Will the skylight look less crackled once it’s replaced? “Crazing” is the effect of the under-glaze on acrylic skylights crackling. Think of it like the crackled pottery. When you see it, you see a bunch of tiny lines, but if you run your finger over it, it’s smooth. Crazing can happen on older skylights. Our skylights are made of high performance, energy efficient glass, designed to allow the most light without cracks and crazing.

Will the new skylight make my room hotter? Our skylights are made with UV-blocking glass and Energy Star-rated heat reduction, which keeps heat and UV damage out of your house. You’ll experience the same natural lighting effect, just with less heat and UV.

Can I replace my skylight just because it “looks” old? Replacing your skylight because “it looks old” is a perfect reason to replace it! Old skylights can have a bronze coloring to them, dirt and grime build up, and crazing, which dramatically lessons the effects of your skylights. Old skylights can block the amount of natural lighting you can receive in a room, effectively making them less useful. Replacing your old skylights for the way they look can lead to added benefits you might not have even been considering, such as less heat and even better sound proofing.

Whatever your reasons for deciding to replace your skylights, The Natural Lighting Company is here to help you. Our “No Contact” replacement services offer peace of mind and ease of use. Give us a call today to get started replacing your skylights.